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Terroir al Límit »Dits del Terra« 2016 Rotwein ...
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Kultwein aus dem Priorat, der zu 100% aus Cariñena vinifiziert wurde. Mit natürlichen Hefen vergoren und über 2 Jahre in gebrauchten 3500-Liter Eichenfudern aus österreichischer Eiche reifte. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocat schreibt über diesen Wein: \"There is an awkward touch of oak on the nose of the 2016 Dits del Terra, not that it is excessive, but in the context of other wines, which show more and more purity, more elegance and less oak, this feels oakier than previous years. Apparently there is one foudre that still lends these notes, and to be honest, I'm sure there are people who would like it better than the Arbossar (the other pure Cariñena in this same price range). There are some dusty tannins and some oak-related flavors. This is a one-off in the portfolio and my least favorite.\" (Luis Gutiérrez, 30 Aug. 2019)

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